How to live life to the fullest.

Happy New Year!

I took a break from writing for a little while, as I needed to focus more on refilling my own cup and a lot less on putting things out into the world. The perfect respite to this basically involved doing as little as possible.

Fittingly, my first post back is about living life to the fullest.  In my time off, I remembered that a successful life for me is one of balance, which means including space for rewarding relationships, depth, meaning, and time for doing absolutely nothing, not even reflecting. Something which I think is becoming a lost art. This is why I decided to make it my New Year’s resolution.

Here are my top two tips on living life to the fullest.

1) Create pockets of space in your day where you care for yourself.

Take a walk at lunchtime, or pop on your trainers and go for a jog. Meditate for 10 minutes in the morning. Plan ahead so you can eat yummy and nourishing food throughout the day. You get out what you put in. There are no shortcuts here. If you want to live life to the full, then you need to nourish your body, feelings, mind and soul through your daily habits.

2) Take worthwhile risks everyday.

You can check whether something falls into this category by asking yourself two questions. Firstly, does it scare me? Secondly, does it serve me? Open up to your neighbour. Share you work with a trusted person. Tell someone how you feel about them. Ask a potential friend or lover out for coffee. As Neale Donald Walsch stated: “life begins at the end of your comfort zone”. It’s not meant to feel easy. It will feel tricky, and you will want to squirm your way out of it. Despite this, you can do it if you choose to.

Wishing you a year full of wonder!


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