Online therapy (via Skype) provides a flexible service to meet the needs of globetrotters & business people who regularly travel for personal and/or professional reasons. Online therapy means that we don’t have to stop our work, but can continue together virtually whilst you travel, and resume face-to-face work on your return. If you suddenly relocate our work can continue via Skype.


Online therapy is also of use to clients who wish to start therapy from further afield in the UK or worldwide. It can also be of use for those who prefer to see a therapist from the comfort of their own home, without associated travel costs.

The American Psychiatric Association (in 2007) completed a study that showed that clients in Canada assigned online counselling experienced the same clinical outcome and level of patient satisfaction as those in face-to-face counselling.

Please note that online therapy is not appropriate for all clients so we will have to discuss your suitability in an initial session.