How to stop ghosting

Firstly…grrrrrr…there are all of these terrible people out there doing all of this ghosting. Stop it! How many of us think that? A fair few, I reckon. I think it too sometimes! I also think there’s a fair few of us doing the ghosting. What I’m getting at here is that no one ever thinks … Continue reading How to stop ghosting

Exploring your feelings is the key to success in life + work.

It’s so important to explore your feelings. I write about this often because the way I see people changing is through ‘feeling work’. I’ve not seen it work many other ways. I know that if you hold down a demanding job and/or life you think that going into your feelings is dangerous territory. You’re scared you’re … Continue reading Exploring your feelings is the key to success in life + work.

How to live life to the fullest.

Happy New Year! I took a break from writing for a little while, as I needed to focus more on refilling my own cup and a lot less on putting things out into the world. The perfect respite to this basically involved doing as little as possible. Fittingly, my first post back is about living … Continue reading How to live life to the fullest.

Assertiveness is an art we can all master. Here are my top 4 tips for being assertive. 1. Stick to facts and be specific. This is the simplest way to be assertive without slipping into attack mode.So instead of saying: “you never take me out for dinner”. Say: “we haven’t been out dinner for 6 … Continue reading

I’m really passionate about assertiveness. I’ve witnessed the ways in which it can be transformational in a person’s life, leading them to: – feel more empowered. – ask, and get more of what they want. – create more change in their life, such as finding a job where they’re more valued. There’s another huge benefit … Continue reading