Assertiveness is an art we can all master. Here are my top 4 tips for being assertive. 1. Stick to facts and be specific. This is the simplest way to be assertive without slipping into attack mode.So instead of saying: “you never take me out for dinner”. Say: “we haven’t been out dinner for 6 … Continue reading

I’m really passionate about assertiveness. I’ve witnessed the ways in which it can be transformational in a person’s life, leading them to: – feel more empowered. – ask, and get more of what they want. – create more change in their life, such as finding a job where they’re more valued. There’s another huge benefit … Continue reading

We often talk about setting boundaries in relationships. They are vital. They’re the bread and butter of healthy relationships. It’s about saying “no”. It’s about stating your bottom line. It’s about making sure you’re clear on how you want to be treated, and where necessary, backing this up with clear action. I also think so … Continue reading

I think that experiencing pleasure has become an act of rebellion in our society. We often discount spending time lustfully enjoying food; telling silly stories with our friends; or hanging out with our families or partners. It’s considered a waste not an effective use of time. So many of us sadly have so much guilt … Continue reading

The Dark Goddess Series II: For the Women who refuse to play small.

Here’s my Friday edition on the dark goddess archetype. It is my hope that in reading about this archetype that you may find her embers still burning within you, and have the permission, and daring to bring more of her into your life. She is a wonderful respite to the victimhood, passivity & depression that … Continue reading The Dark Goddess Series II: For the Women who refuse to play small.