I create sacred spaces for women where they can learn about their relationship with themselves, and cultivate more presence, creativity, self-awareness, personal power and compassion.

When women come together a healing, truthful, and emotional space is created. I think that as women we desperately need the nourishment of these kind of spaces, and that when we don’t have access to them we are prone to acting out. We can become angry, demanding, manipulative, and explosive – these are all signs that we are disconnected from ourself. We usually act out in this way because we are trying to find our voice, and locate our personal power. As women I think we need new spaces that shatter our normal ways of being in the world, and teach us a different way of being in the world. So, instead of feeling starved by the world, we can start to feel fed by it.

“I have always thought that Kaffeeklatsch (an informal social gathering with coffee) was a remnant of an ancient women’s ritual of being together, a ritual, like the old one, of belly talk, women talking from the guts, telling the truth, laughing themselves silly, feeling enlivened, going home again, everything better.” Clarissa Pinkola Estes

I’m passionate about educating women about their menstrual cycles, and empowering them to use this information to lead more creative and effective lives. I try and incorporate some of this training into most of my courses. Sadly as women we are often taught only how to practically manage our periods, we are not educated on how to use the changes in our hormones in order to enrich our lives, or how to care for ourselves emotionally, such as when we get PMT.

I believe that women need to do their lives differently to men, whilst still reaching the same heights as men.

“My role as a feminist is not to compete with men in their world- that’s too easy, and ultimately unproductive. My job is to live fully as a woman, enjoying the whole of myself and my place in the universe.” Madeleine L’Engle

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I’m especially fascinated by jealously, body image, empowerment, mother-daughter relationships, step-parenting, and the menstrual cycle.

Hint: they make great gifts for yourself, and the key women in your life.

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