Something inside doesn’t feel right.

You’re here because you’re facing a difficulty

If you’re like the rest of us, you probably don’t really want to acknowledge it.

But there’s that niggle.

You know that something doesn’t feel right.

You feel depressed, anxious, angry, hurt, or just plain uncertain and confused about what’s going on in your relationship, and life in general.

You might not know why you’re coming to therapy.

You just know you need to.

You’ve tried throwing yourself into work but it’s not working.

You’ve dived into self-help but it isn’t helping.

What’s happening feels like an unsolvable mystery.
And trying to solve it, well, that leaves you even more stumped.

Therapy with me can help you figure out what is really going on, and when this happens I find there’s usually a feeling of relief for you.

You can start to understand yourself again, or perhaps understand yourself for the very first time.

Finding out why something is happening, is the first step towards really finding out how to do things differently.

I’ve found I have a knack for helping clients with their romantic relationships; whether it’s about finding your first one or figuring out an existing challenging relationship.

I offer individual counselling & psychotherapy for those of you who would benefit from focused attention on yourself to help your relationships. You can find out more about when I recommend this approach by seeing if one of the sections below with the images describes what you’re experiencing. I also offer couples counselling.

There are times when I think clients really do need couples counselling, and if this is the case for you I’ll let you know.

I also specialise in all things parenting; whether you’re struggling as a new mum or dad, or triggered by your response to your children’s behavior. Learn more here.

Relationships are my bag, but I’ve also found I can help you:

  • Feel assertive and confident at work.
  • Feel joy and ease in your life.
  • Gain a sense of where to go next.
  • Feel freed from the past.
  • Resolve distractions so that you can excel and focus at work.
  • Develop a new, more ‘positive’ voice in your head.
  • Feel like there’s hope again, and that you have more choices.
  • Discover a life the other side of what you’re feeling.

I’ m warm, gutsy, straight talking and kind.

I’ll take the risk of saying something I think you won’t like, if I think it will really help you.

You being lost, unsure or scared doesn’t freak me out.

I’m not a blank screen. I’m keen to engage with you, and for you to feel both challenged and cared for.

I find this approach is good at getting people, who feel uncomfortable with their feelings, in touch and more comfortable with their feelings.

I also find it helps people feel supported in such a way that they are ready to do things differently in their lives.

Feeling Bold?

Does this describe you?

You’ve never been in a romantic relationship.

You’re close to giving up on romantic relationships.

Are you a stepparent? I specialise in working with you too. You need someone in your corner. And you need some TLC. Do you also care about figuring out a conscious way to do stepparenting?

Learn More