Here’s what attitude you need to truly change.

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about how being comfortable isn’t that useful if we want to grow personally or professionally.

And that in fact, it’s important to to be unsure, and confronted at times with different perspectives.

It’s wonderful that the jury isn’t out,
but undecided,
and still in session.

It shows there is a real self examination going on behind the scenes.

An example of this is if we can examine how we relate to other people, and assess whether our way of relating is conducive to intimate relationships.

Of course it feels ‘better’ when we feel clear, certain and confident in our attitudes and the actions we take.

Change involves just the opposite. Uncertainty and deep reflection.

Look at it this way, it’s much sexier to be Beyoncé than a philosophising hermit.

But we have to ask ourselves how useful it is.
And the answer will be different depending on the situation.
Sometimes the lesson is about standing our ground.
Sometimes the lesson is about reassessing where we are.

It can feel vulnerable to change our minds.
When we do this we are letting another person in.
This is what therapy can feel like.
We are opening ourselves up to another person who will probably challenge how we see ourselves.

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