I’m reading a wonderful book by Rollo May.

(I’m often raving about Rollo, see here for more).

This epic book is called ‘Freedom & Destiny’.

One of the things Rollo says in it that really inspires me is:

“Freedom of being is gained only when the persons can feel in their own muscles,
in their own hearts,
that they have risked themselves,
that they have “leaped,”
that they have gained the sense of dignity necessary for the real experience of freedom.”

If we want to feel alive
if we want to ditch the lethargy
then we are required to risk, leap, and jump
and do it all again by breakfast tomorrow.

We can’t have freedom without risk.
It’s like living off chocolate cake but dreaming of performing in the Olympics.
It’s not going to happen.

We can not be more authentic, sassy and assertive
unless we put ourselves out there
in one foul swoop.
And of course
it helps
when we finally accept that we will never be ready.

When we’ve done it 10,000 times
then we’ll assert ourselves as easily as we used to smile sweetly at insults.
Muscle is only created by lifting weights.
When we have muscle that’s when the ease comes.

We claim our freedom and destiny
each time
we decide to risk
and do something differently.
And only we can decide what risks we need to take
and whether they will be enough.

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