I think that experiencing pleasure has become an act of rebellion in our society.
We often discount spending time
lustfully enjoying food; telling silly stories with our friends; or hanging out with our families or partners.
It’s considered a waste
not an effective use of time.
So many of us sadly have so much guilt about these pleasures,
that we’re never able to fully enjoy them
and be nourished by them.
Or they’re reserved for weekends.
And consequently the week becomes a wasteland in between.

We invest in shares.
We invest in our careers.
But what about investing in our personhood?
What about investing in our life, and our relationship with ourself?

Many of us are really underfed.
We’ve learnt to glorify self denial.
Constantly checking emails.
Giving ourselves half hearted self care.
Putting others before us.
Continually making decisions that victimise us.

It’s also not about throwing away our to do list.
It’s about getting through this list in a way that doesn’t destroy us.
Having breaks for healthy, and tasty food.
Making sure our environment is comfortable and inspiring.
Taking 5 minutes in the morning to tune into how we’re feeling.

We’re also going to be a lot less likely to sabotage our day, or feel overwhelmed, if we’ve already given some loving attention to ourselves.

How can we fully engage with the world
and have something useful to offer if we can’t bare to lovingly engage with ourselves a few minutes a day?

I believe that if we’re nourished in all ways; sexually, intellectually, emotionally, physically and spiritually then we will be more useful to the world, not less.

This begins with following our desire.
Desire is sacred, and it is the path back to ourselves.

When I say desire, I don’t mean our whimsical wants.
I mean our deep seated desires that can positively change our life.

This kind of desire is about following whatever gives you a greater sense of self, and makes you feel nourished, enriched and cared for.

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