The Dark Goddess Series III: For the Women who refuse to play small.

Here’s this Friday’s Dark Goddess Series for the Women who Refuse to Play Small. Enjoy!

The Dark Goddess twinkles with self awareness,
but she doesn’t need to be in this state in a composed way.

She has a dirty, loud laugh
which she regularly uses to chuckle at life’s challenges and her own shortcomings.
She is a goddess who plays in the mud.
She laughs at herself often.
She fully accepts that she has shortcomings.
She is therefore not horrified when they trip her up,
and slow her down.
Her humour gives her the resilience to get up,
and saunter off,
with the new self knowledge swishing from her hips.

She knows that she is powerful even at the depths of her vulnerability.

That crying,
having anger,
and being transparent with it all
cuts out a lot of crap
and is an asset
not a weakness.

She knows she is perfectly imperfect.
So she doesn’t hide her vulnerability.
She gave up long ago on the idea of perfection.

She may protect her vulnerability in moments.
She has claws when necessary.

Being a dark goodness doesn’t mean staying in one state,
or being one thing.
It is an acceptance of all feelings and states.
She is the great embracer.
This is her strength.
She embraces these feelings and states without becoming a victim to them.
She isn’t too precious about them.
She can fully feel her pain
whilst also staying engaged with other parts of her life.
This is the essence of her spiritual journey.
This is the turning from girl to woman.

She is passionate.
She can speak up when she needs to disagree.
She is able to talk about her passions without hesitation.
And she never apologies for taking up space, or having needs.

She gives generously,
and she receives fully.
She really luxuriates in the hug,
and savours the meal that’s been cooked for her.
She loves to dance in reciprocity.
It is in these two acts that she is energised.
She knows that she needs both.
And that one without the other keeps her lopsided.


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