The Dark Goddess Series II: For the Women who refuse to play small.

Here’s my Friday edition on the dark goddess archetype.

It is my hope that in reading about this archetype that you may find her embers still burning within you, and have the permission, and daring to bring more of her into your life.

She is a wonderful respite to the victimhood, passivity & depression that we can all slip into.

So if you’re experiencing any of these it’s a sign that you need to embody her.

The dark feminine goddess is in the present moment.

It is necessary for her to remind us about this time, and time again.

She can grow impatient and angry with our forgetfulness.
This doesn’t make her wrong.
She responds to what the world gives her.
She doesn’t do passivity.

The key is that she also has the capacity to contain her feelings.
Sharing them with others is always a very conscious choice. She shares them cleanly and simply.
And then she lets them go.
She trusts her gut and her heart in whether asking that question, or saying that statement will serve her, and if she gets the green light she gets fully behind it.

She is as intentional as a cat concentrating on its prey.

The dark feminine goddess doesn’t look into the minds of others.

She doesn’t obsess over what they’re thinking.

She gives others respect by trusting that they will tell her if something is up.

In doing so she side steps all manipulation,
Both her own, and that of others.

She is free.

It’s simple for her.
It can be simple for us too.

When things have to be complicated, she knows it’s a sure sign we’re victimising ourselves.

She also knows that the more she can fully own what she says, then the more powerful she can become.

She doesn’t expect anyone else to be comfortable with what she says.
Their reaction is sacred to them,
and none of her business.
She is free because she does not need to control others in order to stay safe.

Again, she doesn’t victimise herself.

The dark feminine goddess is the shadow waiting to be owned in all women who are victims.

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