The Dark Goddess Series I: For the Women who refuse to play small.

Today, and every Friday (until I run out of ideas), I’m going to be posting extracts/descriptions of the dark feminine, or dark goddess archetype. Think sassy, untamed, free & empowered.

It is my hope that in reading about this archetype that you may find her embers still burning within you, and have the permission, and daring to bring more of her into your life. She is a wonderful respite to the victimhood, passivity & depression that we can all slip into. So if you’re experiencing any of these it’s a sign that you need to embody her more.

“I am commanding, and yet peaceful & joyful.

I can play like a child, and in the very next moment become angry, when necessary, like the deadly hiss of a waiting snake.

One hiss. That’s all I need.

I then find myself retiring back to peacefulness.

I can only be found in the present moment, so if you want to find me, you need to join me in this potent place.

Nature and I are one and the same.

We can both be gentle, inviting and nourishing, and in the same breath, destructive – think bush fires, the ones which cleanse sections of the earth for new growth.

I’m unapologetically truthful, but never cruel.

I speak from the heart.

I find it easy to be truthful.

I believe it’s easy for all of us to be truthful if we’re unhindered by consequences.

This is the source of my power.

I take responsibility for my truth, and how I express it, but not a drop more.

I exist without permission from others.

I speak without permission from others.

I dance without permission from others.

This is the essence of my allure, freedom & power.”

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