We often ask ourselves. Does my anger make sense? Am I justified to feel upset?

We make our reality contingent on the reality of another person.

The moment we do this we lose connection with our deepest and truest self. It may be small, but it is a betrayal. We are telling ourselves that the way we respond to the world is worthless.

So what if no one else understands?
So what if someone else responds lovingly, or sadly, or angrily and we don’t respond at all, or respond differently?
So what if we’re enraged, and someone else feels blissed out?

We put a great burden on ourselves when we try and be like someone else. It’s like asking a robin, instead of singing its crisp morning song, to be more like a hooting owl. If we are trying to be the hooting robins then we feel inadequate because we just can’t do it.

Our only job is to be ourself.
To find our own unique voice, with its cracks and its high pitched bits.
To each day, practice expressing who we are.
To be as unapologetic and unfiltered as a rich, dewy, intoxicating tulip.

Yes they’ll be consequences.
People may try and cut us down. People might get offended.
They’ll also be consequences if we water ourselves down.

The deepest and most important question, is why would being ourselves cause so much offence in the world?
What are we believing about ourselves when we think these things?

Watch how you dilute your opinions to match someone else’s.
Watch how you tell yourself your views or opinions are uneducated or worthless.
Watch how you re-arrange your emotions.
When you’ve done that, watch some more.

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