The Importance of Slowing Down

This quote really speaks to me at the moment. And I’d go even further.
I believe that in order to feel nourished spiritually, emotionally & mentally we need to slow down. Really slow down.
This means walking beside our experiences in life.
Not behind them.
Not in front of them.
Instead confronting and feeling them directly.
This includes the moment in which we are in amazement at a tree or a flower, and the one in which we are arguing with a lover.
In pure awareness we do not discriminate between moments.
There are no such things as ‘better’ or more ‘spiritual’ moments.
This does not mean that we are okay or at peace with everything.
It means that we deeply feel whatever we need to in the moment.
Whether joy or rage.
We get it done with, instead of storing it up, and letting it ferment & sour for later.
And in doing so we stay firmly connected to both ourselves and the world.
This is an act of self love which nourishes us.

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